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New Adlandpro Autoresponders

From: Bogdan Fiedur, CEO

Imagine a 400% increase in your Sales
and a reduced workload as well..

(Of course you know what this would mean for YOUR business!)

There MUST Be An Easier Way To Communicate

Ask yourself this question: "Why would I spend time on tasks which can be automated?"

Wouldn't it be easier if you didn't have to send out responses to the same questions over and over, compose a newsletter week after week on the same day at the same time, or send out a report or response for information over and over again every time someone requests it?  Of course it would be.  That's why I have worked with my programmers to develop an automated response system that will:

  1. Free up the time you spend on repetitive tasks, allowing you more time to develop and grow your business platform (and increase profitability).

  2. Present a professional image and capability to your customers and visitors.

  3. Deliver to your target audience automatically, efficiently, and in a timely fashion.

Introducing the Adlandpro Autoresponder System.  The Autoresponder System will send out customized, personalized information from you directly to your customers' inboxes at pre-determined times automatically without you having to send it.  All you do is create messages to send, tell the Autoresponder when you want it sent and that's it. 

You can use autoresponders to automatically send out:

  • Newsletters & Promotional Material

  • Personalized Reports

  • Product/Service Information and Guides

  • Site News and Info/Updates

  • Personalized messages for customers. 

  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) messages.

  • Follow-up messages to people who purchased products or services from you

  • Follow-up messages to people who were at your site but didn't buy anything

  • Support answers to specific issues

Now these are only a small handful of the situations where an autoresponder can really benefit your business but they all increase customer satisfaction, encourage loyalty, reinforce your reputation, and decrease cases of buyers remorse.  If you use your imagination I'm sure you can find many, many more.

The Adlandpro Autoresponder has been tweaked, improved, and decked out with new features that make it even more powerful and easier to use than ever before.  What's more, the new responders have been equipped with a built-in double-opt-in mechanism.  This means that you don't need to create a way for your customers to confirm their desire to join your mailing list or for them to unsubscribe from it.  It's all handled by the system.  How easy is that?

But what if you're not exactly "Savvy" when it comes to using a computer?  Good news.

Actual Adlandpro Customer Testimonial
Bogdan and Everyone at Adland:

I just wanted to take a few seconds out of my crazy, busy day to let you know how much I appreciate AdlandPro. Your services are, by far, the best on the net. Your site is the only place where I can post my ads and actually find them in a search of my keywords! Your service is always available and I've never had a problem accessing the site. I have purchased banner campaigns from you and have gotten the best click-thru ever. Don't let this all go to your head, but I LOVE you guys!!!

Anita Foley
Publisher, Wealth Happens Online Ezine

If You Can Send Email, You Can Use An Autoresponder

I know what you're thinking.  It all sounds pretty technical doesn't it?  I mean, you don't know all this technical stuff, how to program, HTML Code and blah blah blah.. WHO CARES?!?!  You don't NEED to! 

Let me repeat that:

You DO NOT need to be a computer wiz in order to use this to its full potential

Here's why:

  • There's No Software to Install

  • Automatic Subscribe & Unsubscribe

  • Easily Add Pop-ups and Subscription Boxes to Capture Emails

  • Quickly personalize each message with First Names, Last Names & More

  • Simple Importing & Exporting Email Leads

  • Virtually eliminates spam complaints and raises delivery ratios automatically

You don't need to install ANY software because it's all done online.  If you have a web browser such as IE, Netscape, or Firefox that's all you need.  Subscribers only have to click a link and they're automatically removed from your mailing list without you having to lift a finger.  Copying in email leads is as easy as click, copy, paste, done.  Last, but not least, you have virtually ZERO risk of ever getting blocked or getting a spam complaint which if it happens often enough can cost you your business.

That's not all though.  With the new Adlandpro Autoresponder you can:

  • Broadcast a message to all your registered subscribers for any given autoresponder no matter what size anytime you like. 

  • See at a glance how many of each type of subscriber you have for each responder.  (Active, Inactive, Confirmed recepients.)

  • Redirect subscribers to a website of your choice immediately after they subscribe.

  • Customize each email automatically with subscriber first names, last names, countries etc.

  • Create sequences of up to 50 messages for each of your 50 autoresponders.

  • You specify the amount of time between when the last message was sent and the next one will be sent. 

  • Send up to 30,000 Email Messages per month.

  • Much, much more...

Communication On a Personal Level

Any successful web marketer will tell you that communicating with customers on a personal level is one of the keys to their success.  In fact, nearly every major website out there uses one to send personalized information to its customers and potential customers.  For example, uses it to send out automated weather reports for your local area, uses it to send out weekly summaries about who's visited your profile, even Adlandpro uses it to send you customized messages, reports, and more. 

Let's face it, the more personal you can make a message, the more likely the recipient is to read it.  Isn't it time YOU started doing business on a this level?  You bet it is.

And there's never been a better time to bring your business communications into the automated era using the Adlandpro Autoresponder System. 



 19.95 $14.95 Limited Time Introductory Offer! 
The standard pricing for this autoresponder is $19.95.  Most other autoresponders can charge up to $49.00 or more but through this page only, you'll get it for only $14.95.  That price will never ever change so long as your service remains active. 

the Adlandpro Auto Responder
for just
$19.95 $14.95/month

This Next Section Is For Serious Web Marketers Only.  Please Read.  IMPORTANT!

If you are absolutely focused on making your online business a success and you won't settle for anything less than the ULTIMATE in Power Advertising, you need the Adlandpro Gold Membership Package that includes the New, Improved Autoresponder System. 

Upgrade to the Adlandpro GOLD Membership for an only $10.00 more and not only will you get this ultra-powerful, feature-packed Web-Based Autoresponder System but you'll also get each month:

  • Your ad displayed a total of 8,000 times per month to visitors on the Traffic Exchange and Impressions Programs
  • Your ad brought near the top of any category you choose each hour, 24 hours/day
  • Your ad submitted to 80,000 Search Engines each and every month
  • Access to the Opt-In Mailing List Builder to Build your very own mailing list easily
  • Access to the URL Tracker Service so you can Track your traffic and clicks!
  • 30% Commission as an Adlandpro Affiliate.  For every $100.00 in sales you generate, you get $30.00 of it!

Also, you'll get access to our downloadable library of business resources which contain over 50 E-Books arranged into 7 categories.  These E-Books are valued at over $1200.00 Retail and they're yours to keep even if you decide that this service isn't for you. 

The Adlandpro Gold Membership is a Total Advertising Solution giving you absolutely every tool you'll ever need to catapult your business into success! 

the Adlandpro Gold Membership
For just $10.00 More/month ($24.95/month)


Kind Regards,

Bogdan Fiedur

Bogdan Fiedur,


PS: Remember, this is a limited time, risk-free offer for one of the most powerful web-based autoresponders available today for less than 15 bucks.  Plus, you'll get even more value if you decide to take it as part of the Gold Membership.

PPS: Prefer to place your order by phone?  Call our toll free number at 1-866-254-7228 to find out more about the Adlandpro Autoresponder and to get your questions answered by my support staff.  We can place the order for you in minutes.





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